• Help!
    Where to begin? 2023 was supposed to be the beginning of my Music Heals project, including new shows and a podcast. Turned out to be the beginning of the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. Wasn’t feeling my best with stomach issues. A doctor visit and CT scan revealed two cancerous tumors in my bladder.Life and […]
  • Happy Holidays!!!
    Hello everyone, I’m finally gearing up for 2023! Working out a few bugs between my site and linking to my FB page “Music Heals”. We recently hit 1100 “Likes” on this page, and I’m glad you’re still here. I wanted to be able to do some things from my site that will automatically appear on […]
  • Welcome
    Hello friends, welcome to the NEW jamesdalyband.com! This site, and my other social sites, have been laying dormant for the past two years while I took a break due to COVID. Seems like life may be getting back to something close to normal. So, I’m making plans and reinventing my musical career. I was inspired […]