Hello friends, welcome to the NEW jamesdalyband.com! This site, and my other social sites, have been laying dormant for the past two years while I took a break due to COVID. Seems like life may be getting back to something close to normal. So, I’m making plans and reinventing my musical career.

I was inspired my events the last two years, and I’m creating a project I call “Music Heals”. I think it’s safe to say, we could all use a little healing about now, and I for one, believe music, is one of the best medicines ever!

So, I hope you’ll bookmark the site, and come back to see what I have in store. Going to share some of my favorite tunes, streaming a few live shows here on the site. Also, I’ll be sharing something that has become very close to my heart. I’ll be doing some live shows locally here in Central Florida for my many friends at some of the Assisted Living facilities nearby. We all could use some music to brighten our day, none the least of which are our inbound elderly family members who are confined to their facilities for one reason or another. While I always enjoy doing shows, and for most of my musical career I’ve done my entertaining in loud smoky bars. But in Feb. of 2020 I embarked on a new project, and I played to a small crowd at the Assisted Living facility where I was Chef at the time (day job). I have to tell you it was great seeing all the smiles I was able to bring, along with igniting memories for all those folks, while playing some of their favorites tunes from back in the day, as we like to say.

Unfortunately, about two weeks later, COVID hit. Since I’m diabetic, and I was very high risk, I had to put my plans on hold. I won’t share more details, because I’m sure many of you have similar stories to tell, and like myself, you’re ready to move on. Glad to say I’m back on track, rehearsing some tunes, and looking forward to sharing my music with you all, very soon! Hope everyone is well, and your life is getting back to something like normal. Till we meet again, peace and love be with you all!! Regards, James…

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